How Low-Cost Tile Can Provide a High-End Look

Posted by on February 28, 2019

How Low-Cost Tile Can Provide a High-End Look

When looking to add great value to a home, some of the best places to start include the bathroom and kitchen spaces. New flooring is a big part of these renovations, and tile really adds amazing worth. However, the biggest problem with tile is the expense. Fortunately, there are amazing inexpensive options that you should think about when planning your remodel.

Reasonable Options

If you are on a budget, which most of us are, look toward tile alternatives like porcelain and ceramic. This type of tile has the same ageless look, but the price will not break the bank. Also, this type of tile allows for easy cleaning. If you are worried about slippage in your bathroom or kitchen, porcelain tile is sold as a non-slip variety. At less than $1 per square foot, you can find tile options that are high quality, yet affordable for any of your project needs.

The Color Conundrum

For many, color decisions can be one of the biggest problems when renovating. Deciding on the right color can be as overwhelming as a huge financial decision or what car to choose. The process definitively can be a lot easier by following this advice. If you are updating your kitchen or bathroom space to be a luxury renovation, use finishes that are timeless and not outlandish. Look at any home remodel magazine or blog to give you some ideas. Traditionally, bathroom tile should stick to light blues, greens, grays, or whites. For kitchens, try neutral colors like ivory, gray, or charcoal varieties. You may even want to consider tile that looks like wood. It is a little pricier, at just under $2 a square foot, but it may appease what you are actually looking for.

The Little Things Count

Adding tile is not the only way to make your kitchen or bathroom wow others; it is the little things that count, too. Borders and backsplashes can go a long way in making your space high-end. Do not think you have to go big with the details. A little addition at the eye-level can make a shower or sink pop. Additionally, you can add a quality trim around the tile for added significance.

Don’t Be Afraid To Look For Bargains

For all you bargain shoppers out there, don’t think you can’t bargain if you are going for the high-end look. There are a lot of home-improvement companies that are looking to get rid of “old” tile to bring in new choices. Now, just because a home improvement store calls it “old” does not mean it actually is. The “old” varieties may only be a few months to a year old. Of course, many people want the newest and best options, but “old” tile is still worth you looking at. You will usually save a ton of money in the process.

Good luck planning out your renovation and enjoy the process. Make your bathroom or kitchen remodel look the way you want it because you will have to live in the space. Create the tile area you have always dreamed of!

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